Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year (four days late!)

My, my . . . where does the time go? The days just seem to fly by when you're busy busy busy skipping between lunch, coffee and dinner dates! Yes, believe it or not we are still on holiday. My posting has been sporadic during our time at home (despite appearing to be a computer addict I do still actually prefer visiting with friends over blogging!) but Stu has been a much more frequent blogger so if you're just desperate to find out more about what we've been up to, check his blog as well!

But enough about blogging and back to the main purpose of the post . . . Happy New Year to all and hope your celebrations - quiet or rowdy - were fabulous! I must confess that I'm usually of the 'New Year's Eve is over-rated' school of thought (apologies to those who find this perspective irritating!) While in my nostalgic mind few NYE events hold a candle to the great Mafia Party of 1998 ;) but for me NYE 2008 ranks pretty highly. This year was so memorable because we were at the beloved cabin with family. Our stay was a delightful mixture of novel reading in front of the toasty cook stove (I finished The Thirteenth Tale and highly recommend), chilling and chatting with Mom and Dad and Nancy and Matt, playing with the dawgs Cleo and Mable (woo hoo for the dog family) and going for long walks in the powdery snow! Okay, admittedly the actual stroke of midnight found party animals Stu and I sitting in recliners reading but I'm okay with that :)

But NYE has come and gone and we in the Broten house have kept right on partying - well, not really, but we did all get together last night for a 58th birthday soiree to celebrate my dad! Good times were had by all at the slightly chaotic Fuddruckers. In addition to our immediate family and spouses/beau we were joined by Auntie A and Uncle K (party organisers) and the lovely Nico and Jeff. Afterward, nine of us went to see Enchanted. Hey - don't laugh! This was Dad's special request and I am proud to say that I, along with several other members of our entourage, loved it! And yes, in case you're wondering, it certainly helped that Dr McDreamy had a starring role.

Before I sign off I must spare a thought for our friends and family in NI who received 27 centimetres of snow yesterday! I am not sad to be missing that, because something tells me Sasky is slightly better prepared for the white stuff. Enjoy building those snowmen :)

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