Friday, December 21, 2007

Long time no see

It has been a week of blue skies and increasingly cold temps here in Sasky. In addition to a fantastic trip to the Legislature in Regina to see my newly elected brother in action, our first week home has been a fun merry-go-round of visiting with family and old friends. Happy holidays to us with lots of coffees, lunches, dinners, drinks and catching up! It's been really cool to see everyone and find out what's up in people's lives - as much as I do love Stalkerbook (and you know I do!), there's nothing quite like chatting face to face over lattes :)

It's also been great to see some of my friends' offspring at various stages because the young ones change so quickly . . . Yesterday was a special highlight as we had a brief visit with our friends Santosh and Felicia and their lovely children who were in town from Vancouver. My mom got to break out her old elementary school skills by doing some puzzles with Adam.

Last night it was definitely beginning to feel alot like Christmas when we were treated to a special Christmas gig by my very talented sister-in-law Ruth and some of her musician friends. The arrangements of some old favourites were really very lovely and there was a great chilled atmosphere in the venue. My personal favs were Joni Mitchell's River (of course) and Song for a Winter's Night - I have loved Sarah McLachlan's cover of this song for years, and Ruth's rendition was bliss. After the soiree we hung out with Ninny, her beau known affectionately as the MJ, the MJ's fun family known as the Johnson's and our cousin Ole known as, well, Ole :) Christmas good times all around with lots of games. Pass the egg nog!

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