Monday, December 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Hello from Sasky!! I come to you today as one very chilled out blogger - it's great to realise it's Monday morning and I don't have to go to work :)

Here's a few of the good things we have been up to since arriving home last Thursday after (ugh!) twenty hours of travelling . . .

- Getting Stu-dawg (check out his blog - he's updated!) some new warm clothes - even though the weather is thankfully fairly mild (about minus 10) we had to go out the first day and buy the requisite long johns and hiking boots for the Irish guy! I really hope we don't get any of that minus 30 malarky because that's just wrong.

- Going out to my Aunt and Uncle's farm for a scrummy turkey dinner and early Christmas celebration. Great to see family!

- Walking the dogs, Cleo and Oscar, by the river - In our absence, my family has become a bit dog crazy as of late (in a good way!) A highlight of dog walking, I even got to wear the Ninnygoat's fluorescent orange oversized down filled jacket, but my vanity restrains me from posting a pic of that little number! Think pumpkin, think Michelin man.

- Having a little get together to celebrate the arrival of six week old baby Ainsley, beautiful new daughter to our friends Amber and Mike.

Other highlights included a bake-a-thon with Ninny, sitting around by the Christmas tree, seeing old friends, going to the Farmers' Market with my dad and going on dark morning winter walks to Starbucks with Stu (thanks to the jet lag we seem to like getting up very early!) . . . All in all much chilling and so lovely to be with family! This morning there is a bit of Christmas shopping to be done and also Stu and I are going out for breakfast - five years ago today we got engaged here in the Bessborough park. Time flies and you know the rest!


beardy bastard said...

weird to see you, in a different world.
hope you are enjoying your time at home, and that you don't decide to stay there.
we have your car don't forget.

B said...

Oh Julie D, this all sounds smashing. Big hugs from me to you

Anonymous said...

hello, i emailed you but got an error. anyway here's the reg cleaner i uses, this shit is good, don't stay without protection!