Sunday, December 30, 2007

Family Ties

I bring you a little photo gallery to give a taste of our life during this Christmas week. Suffice it to say that we have had oodles of delicious food (including three turkey dinners!), fabulous presents and great times with family and friends!

Christmas Eve is always my favourite day - due to our Norwegian roots it is our tradition to open gifts on Christmas Eve after going to a beautiful candlelight service and having a great meal. It was so delightful to be home with the family for these festivities for the first time in five years! I was showered with all kinds of great gifts including several new cookbooks including Barefoot Contessa, Wagamama and a new book of curries (. . . it would seem that I dropped my hints effectively with the help of APYOC!) I am full of new year optimism about trying all kinds of new recipes and carving out time to cook healthy eats in the midst of what can sometimes be hectic lives. Also, I really must give public adoration to the Stu who surprised me big time with a silver ring from Tiffany & Co. I heart that guy, and not just because of the ring!
Yesterday the family fun continued as we went down to Regina for time with our cousins the Rosom's. It was also a treat to see my cousin's lovely kids, including brand new baby Bronson. A highlight of the day was watching some old home videos from about 25 years ago! It was hilarious and heartwarming to see all of us cousins as young kids (video of us playing the piano and singing solos before we discovered our lack of musical talent!) and it was particularly nice to see video of my Grandma and Grandpa Broten who passed away in the '90s. I felt convicted to stop making fun of Ninny and her Handycam as video images are so special to have - especially when you're watching footage a couple of decades later!
Thankfully, between all the visiting and cooking and present wrapping there has been plenty of time to go on snowy walks with the dogs (a requisite in the dog family!), to sleep in and stay in the pj's for far too long while watching nonsense TV on the inappropriately named Learning Channel, to go to the pub for late night drinks and to watch a few cheesy movies. Cheers to that.


lawrence said...

I came across your blog while again attempting my so far unsuccessful search for an old CBC show with Don Harron. On the off chance that the show was "And That's the News, Goodnight" I Googled and instead found your blog because, well, your blog is one of the more noted places for having that phrase (if you search with it quoted, that is).

I quickly noticed that you are Canadian (you just kind of know those things) and also saw that you are in Ireland. My wife and I were in England for 5 years, so my thoughts were a mix of envy and commiseration.

Your write wonderfully...

Cheers, Lawrence

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