Thursday, November 8, 2007

A bit of the good stuff

I am just in the door and on a high after seeing Martyn Joseph live in concert! What a great show - I was sitting close enough to be touched by his spittle, but believe me, he's so cool that that's a good thing. (The show was only slightly besmirched by a few what the locals might call 'daft eejets' in the audience but we won't go there.) I hadn't heard much of Martyn before but thanks to the Beard and the Celtic Angel I am now a convert. His new album is called Vegas.

Thankfully as the November darkness starts to close in, some other exciting things have happened recently to bouy my spirits - I am delighted to publicly congratulate my brother Cam who was elected as a new MLA in Saskatchewan yesterday!! I also want to mention the indefatigable Dunny who ran the NYC marathon last Sunday - word up to you, my virtual running buddy!!


dunny said...

Thanks for the shout out JBN, but next time we'll have to run together! Have you put in your entry for London yet?? ;-)

That's great news about Cam too!

hugs from the OC,

The Clothesline said...

Some bro, huh? Do you the next stop is the Premiership?