Sunday, November 18, 2007

All about the gangster

On my dad's recommendation (film buff extraordinaire) we are just in the door from seeing American Gangster. It's a bit rough, what with all the gangster stuff (i.e. loadza guns and scantily clad women) but the story's oh so clever and interestingly based on a true story. Russel Crowe does his awkward but cool bit to perfection (it's such a shame about him throwing that phone at a hotel bellboy a while back) and Denzel is so bad and so cool. It's actually slightly problematic how much you find yourself liking the criminal.

I had a mixed weekend - Stu was working the whole time so that was more than a bit of a bummer, made exponentially worse in my head by pouring rain all day on Saturday. Thankfully on Saturday night I was greatly cheered by spending time with friends at a birthday par-tay. This afternoon was great because Stu returned from the work world and we spent time hanging out together which meant reading the Sunday newspaper in Starbucks and then going out for dinner at our local burger joint.

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