Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Keeping it real for 26.2

I'm smiling because it's over. Yes, as promised about four months ago yesterday I ran the Adidas Dublin Marathon - all 26.2 miles of it! I have to say that I found it pretty tough and definitely missed Stu my usual running buddy. As he injured his calf a while back he kindly criss-crossed Dublin for the day as my support team and own personal cheering section. On the bright side the weather was great, the route was lovely (just long - did I mention that?) and the Dubliners were out in droves all along the way to cheer on the 11,000 participants. My favourite part was running through Pheonix Park which is fairly early on in the race. Today I am stiff from head to toe but feeling slightly better after a visit to the hot tub at our gym. The next stop is the couch for a well-deserved dvd watching marathon!

The rest of the weekend was also fairly jam packed and I'd be remiss not to hit the highlights - On Friday evening we went to the Iron and Wine gig as part of the Belfast Festival. As you would expect it was a great concert and Stu and I were also pleasantly surprised by the support act Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit - very good folky tunes. On Saturday morning we met Stu's family (including nephew Dan pictured with Stu) at St George's Market to celebrate Stu's 31st birthday a day early and later on Saturday evening we had a few friends over for dinner as well which was lovely. Then on sunny Sunday morning we journeyed to Dublin where we met up with our friend Dave for some Wagamama. All good.

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The Clothesline said...

Congrats on finishing that race, Julie! That's your second one, isn't it? Way to run, my friend. Happy birthday, Stu.