Sunday, September 23, 2007


Yet again too many days have passed since I last blogged! Where does the time go?? I'm going to blog about the weekend and in doing so mentally transport me back to the good old days (er . . . of yesterday!) when things were calm and chilled out. You can probably tell that manic Monday's gotten the better of me tonight!

On Friday night after being out for dinner at Deane's at Queen's we watched Night on Earth, a bizarre but enjoyable movie from 1991 featuring five vignettes of taxi drivers in five countries. My favourite was the one featuring the lovely Roberto Benigni. It came highly recommended by our friend Dave (the legend) McNair and was random but I ask you, who doesn't need a bit of random in their life every now and then?

We met Stu's parents at St George's Market on Saturday morning and had a lovely time. On top of having a good old catch-up with the in-laws, I was delighted to run into several friends from my old work (including Beth and her family complete with two week old Dom - highlight of the day!) Now I know the place to go to bump into people! On Saturday night we had Indian food with friends (the Beard and the Celtic Angel among them - you know who you are!) and then on Sunday morning I did another 18 miler . . . mad props yada yada . . .

And so, I suppose that brings me to tonight. The new job is going well and I have nothing to complain about really, so I won't!

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