Monday, September 3, 2007

Home is where your heart is

Bear with me for a minute - I am going to selfishly use little old APOYC to indulge in a bit of a rant . . . (I mean really, if you can't use your blog to talk yourself off a ledge then what can you do?!)

I had planned a nice and relaxing evening tonight which involved some reading and a bit of computer time. Maybe some browsing of knitting patterns or surfing some foodie websites you ask? No, I foolishly clicked my way to depression by looking on Property News for a selection of astronomically priced first time buyer properties in Belfast.

Long story short, I am now frantically searching the house for a brown paper bag to regulate my breathing. The property market is officially insane here (as seems to be the case everywhere so I'm sure some of you renters out there will sympathise!) All together now - Arghh!!! . . . And don't even get me started about the tiny house we viewed a few months back that had an outdoor toilet (yes, you read that right!) and a hole in the roof but still ended up fetching over the asking price. (Sadist that I am, to add insult to injury I like to translate the prices into Canadian dollars whereby making myself feel even worse.)

Taking a deep breath and moving on, I am now chilling out by drinking Bengal Spice and listening to Sarah Harmer's wonderful album I am a Mountain. You'll be relieved to know I think it's working.

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Tim said...

Ah Julianne and Stuart. At last I have caught up with you both. Your blog was flagged up by my PR company a couple of months back when you mentioned The SEafood Restaurant web site, and I came across it today as I was going over some of their archived reports, which I obviously never picked up before. At least the PR co is doing a good job. Nice to 'see' you both. Wishing you all the very best and kind regards. Keep up the amazing blog.