Sunday, August 5, 2007

Widgets, among other things . . .

Did you know that there's something called a widget in draft tins of Guinness? I sortof vaguely knew this but didn't really know what it was or what it did. Last night Stu cut open his tin after pouring out a perfect pint and I saw the widget in the flesh (lemme tell you, our Saturday nights really get crazy sometimes!) Click here for the full story on the integral role of the widget. Couldn't help thinking that those folks at Guinness are very very clever.

Okay, perhaps with that last news item I'm taking the concept of blogging about the little things of life a touch too far . . . What else can I report of note? I'm in the homestretch of a three day weekend which was very chilled out for the most part. We did a bit of shopping (I got a new duvet cover for 75% off in the Debenham's sale - I do love a bargain!!) and a bit of hanging out with friends and family.

Speaking of shopping, late last night while listening to Feist's new album (the track 1234 is ace) I got sucked into looking at random stuff on Ebay which is fun every now and then. I ended up ordering Rowan's Felted Collection and I'm very excited about it. No, in case you're wondering, I'm not done Thermal but am delighted to report that I'm about two thirds through sleeve number one (more of an accomplishment than it sounds - believe me!) Who knew the sleeves would take sooo long?? I pretended I didn't hear Stu's admonishment to finish my current project before planning what's next (how boringly sensible!) and ordered the pattern book anyway. The pics look lovely.

This afternoon we got all hardcore and went out for a longish run in the pouring rain on the footpath along the river. Have I mentioned recently that it feels like it's always raining here? Not cool (especially when my family is at the cabin enjoying hot weather on the August long weekend!) Oh well, by the end of the run we were soaked but feeling cool (both literally and metaphorically) so maybe the rain's not all bad.


Beth said...

Your new patterns look lovely, bring the book to lunch if it arrives in time! I am planning a big online order of Debbie Bliss yarn as I can't find it in Belfast - boo!

Sara said...

Hey, lots of us like hearing about your average everyday stuff! But what is up with Stu drinking Guinness from a can? In the land of Guinness?! Don't understand :)

katevp said...

Jules!! I also recently just found out about the widget, however it was in a Kilkenny that Thom was drinking, not a Guiness. funny. seriously, it was just last weekend at my aunt and uncle's cottage.

I have started another big bad baby blanket, and next monday i can finally give away the first one i made in January for my friend Sarah. Hurrah!

Glad to see some postings from APYOC.

miss you!

Alice J said...

I came across your blog when I was searching for knitting clubs. Love the idea of a Stitch n Bitch - apparently there used to be a knitting thing in Common Grounds cafe? Anyway it was also great to hear of someone else who likes (and has heard of!) Feist! I went to see her in Manchester and she's coming to Dublin soon. Fantastic. Didn't realise her music was the track to Paris, and was kicking myself I couldn't make it. If you do set something up, I'd be interested (have to say I'm a great scarf knitter but my two jumpers have turned out way too big...)

Julie said...

Hi B
I know - it can sometimes prove difficult to find the high end yarns in NI and I like to stick with the recommended yarn where possible to avoid that as an error factor! I ordered this book from a an online shop based in County Down and I think they do Debbie Bliss - - but I'm not sure how competitive the pricing is. Bring your baby knits book to lunch on Thursday and I'll bring this one (although it's not here yet!)
See you soon -
j :)

Julie said...

ms sara
good question and I really should clarify - stu wasn't actually drinking it from the can - he had poured it into a pint glass so as to get the proper consistency etc. i know we are in the land of guinness as you say, but we were staying in that night so that also explains the tin!
looking forward to seeing you soon hopefully :)
julie x

Julie said...

kvpa :)
thanks for your comment as usual. we are kindred spirits in finding the widget interesting ;)
glad to hear you've started another project! i am going to get some quilting tips from you sometime soon. it is an ambition of mine.
hope you and thom are very well in o-town. i miss you too!!
jbn x

Julie said...

Hi Alice
Thanks so much for your comment! I would really love to be involved in a Belfast knitting circle. Do you know other knitters? Come to think of it Common Grounds would be a really good venue. Hmmmmm . . . just in case I get motivated enough to start something or if you hear of one going on, feel free to email me at or alternatively watch this space . . .
Thanks for visiting and come back soon (I manage to post more regularly in the winter!)
Julianne :)