Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The Killers are in Belfast tonight playing at the Vital outdoor festival. I was just biking home from my church this evening and heard When you were young blasting through the darkness of the summer's night. It was a cool moment.

I wished I'd gotten tickets.

I am in a good mood. For one thing, the weather has been lovely here for TWO DAYS IN A ROW!! This is a record for this UK non-summer of rain (actually, Glasgow had its hottest day of the year - lucky them!) For another thing, I spent a pleasant evening working on a mosaic with some friends from church - we have been working on this piece de resistance every Wednesday night all summer long - breaking tiles, sticking tiles, grouting tiles etc etc . . . it's been a long but fun process and tonight we finished grouting and we caught a glimpse of the finished product which was satisfying.

I am slowly but surely discovering my inner crafter - I snagged a bunch of leftover tiles tonight with the great intention of making something for the house (ask me in a year if they're still sitting in a plastic bag in my back yard!) The mosaic will be going up in our church which has been receiving a two-year long makeover. We started going there only after the congregation moved into the church hall to allow for structural repairs that turned out to be pretty extensive. It will be cool to get back into the building and the new adjoining community centre this September!

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B said...

Hiya - the mosaic sounds great and very satisfying. We got a newsletter through the door and the community centre looks smashing (the artist's impression). It will be so nice for you all when all the work is done.