Monday, August 13, 2007

Flick Pick

We watched a great movie last weekend - Bobby tells the story of the assassination of Robert Kennedy and includes a truly all-star cast. I particularly like movies that tell the stories of several characters and then weave them all together. Anybody else seen anything good lately (including TV shows)? I'm always looking for recommendations.

Tonight feels like the first chance I've had to properly blog in ages! We've been out 'doing stuff' for several nights in a row and I have definitely missed the chance to just be home and chill. Speaking of blogging, check out this interesting article from the Globe and Mail about blogging about work. I think the safest bet is to just not go there. I know this isn't overly profound or anything but it's crazy to think how much life has changed recently with technology, particularly in terms of individual privacy. Despite the riskier bits, I can't quite imagine life without things like Ebay, blogging, email and Facebook (but then, maybe I'm just a saddo.) Don't answer that.

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Beth said...

Full agreement about Bobby - Rich was a little dubious when I told him I had rented Emilio Estevez's latest (I think he feared I was reverting back to the Young Guns days...).
Saw Transformers at the pictures -really really good - Shia is ace, and although it is dopey, it is great fun. And Bourne is coming...