Sunday, August 19, 2007

Everybody loves a good punch up

I had a foodie post planned for tonight but I think I might shelve that for a later date because I am way too full of adrenaline from watching the new Bourne Ultimatum tonight! Wow. Jason Bourne is truly the ultimate fighting machine and, while I am normally the non-violent sort, one just can't help but love the assassin with a heart! (Oh, and in case you're wondering, I feel the same way about Jack Bauer.) As Bourne kicked butt throughout the movie, I only just managed to stop myself from cheering out loud in the theatre! As one reviewer that Stu read said, when your heart stops pounding then you know the movie's over. A good, fast flick is refreshing after a disappointing cinematic summer - haven't been to anything good for ages (apart from QFT independent films which are usually French and always quality!)

It has been another good weekend (weekends have a funny little habit of being good don't they?) We had Friday off (I am seriously contemplating working part-time - three cheers for the four day week!) On our day off we enjoyed going out for lunch, chilling in town and also doing some errands. In the evening we went over to Stu's parents' (Stu's sister's family who have been over visiting from England for the past week) where our nieces whooped us at domino's and a good time was had by all.

During the rest of the weekend I chilled out quite a lot and enjoyed doing some baking and cooking, watching dvds, knitting, wandering around East Belfast in the drizzling rain (not the highlight), reading, going to a birthday party for a friend and going for a 12 mile run today (see Julie patting herself on the back here!) Our car officially died last week so we also contemplated doing some car shopping but didn't get very far (although I'm generally a dang good shopper this sort is new to me.) Any tips??

When I was cooking Indian food this afternoon (my favourite pick lately) I happened to listen to the show Open Book on BBC Radio Four. The Scottish crime fiction book by Donna Moore Go to Helena in a Handbasket was highly recommended - I have never really gotten into crime fiction (barring an obsession with John Grisham novels when I was about 13 but let's not go there) but I think I am going to give this one a go. Surely my tv obsession with CSI should transfer over to literature? I'll let you know.

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