Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cook it

The internet is a dangerous thing. I come to my wee blog tonight seeking a diversion as I only just stopped myself from ordering a bunch of cookbooks on Amazon. I only went on to check out the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook (yes, I was watching it tonight and yes, the hosts are more than slightly annoying but Christina from Ugly Betty provides the voice over so it can't be all bad can it?!) Suddenly I had compiled a serious wish list . . . And, oh look, if I spend just that bit more I get free shipping! Sucka!!

You'll be relieved to know that I actually didn't order anything. I thought it more prudent to go into Waterstone's and do a bit of flicking to be sure of what I must have now (in truth probably nothing!) And then there's that klassy little trick of just quickly copying recipes down while in the bookstore (been there, done that) but I seem to have moved up in the world ever so slightly from those good old days. So, what am I craving you ask? The Sugar Club Cookbook by Peter Gordon, some Barefoot Contessa as she's strongly recommended on the Weekly Dish, Nigella Express featuring quick recipes out in September, anything by Madhur Jaffrey and then there's Rachel Allen's new book (I am still an ardent fan despite discovering a group on Facebook devoted to people who hate her! Who knew?) . . . I could go on but I think you're getting the picture . . .

Between cookbooks and online wool stores (stop laughing - there are worse vices I know!) I could click away a significant amount of my hard earned cash so I will stand firm. Probably a good idea, come to think of it, because today we just ordered a shiny new black Volkswagen Polo! Yes friends, sad but true, early last week our mechanic broke the news that the Mazda needs a whole new engine and so soon our old faithful will be going off to that great big scrapyard in the sky. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to my cookbook fund.


Sara said...

I love you and your Klassy little tricks...I have to admit that sometimes I still do the Borders copy-down :( SO excited about Nigella Express though (of course!)

B said...

As you know I'm with you on the online wool shopping - sigh, I am embargoed until I've made three projects - blanket (halfway), jumper (sleeve remaining) and hat for L - and then I can go mad again!

And those women on Cook Yourself Thin are APPALLING! I hate them - a lot.

Anonymous said...

exciting news about the car...yes we mourn for the mazda, but a shiny black VW!!!