Friday, August 3, 2007


A few months back I read a list of what's hot and what's not for summer 2007 in the Observer magazine (our favourite read on a Sunday.) To my dismay, blogging was on the un-hip list! Feeling loyal to my own little space on the world wide web, I resolved to continue posting throughout the warm summer months. Fast forward to August and here I sit, feeling guilty that I've allowed nearly a week to go by without updating APOYC!

Upon reflection, I think a couple of factors have fed into my delinquency. Yes, in some ways I have to give in and agree with the magazine article - I don't think they were really saying that blogging is actually not cool (heaven forbid!) but making the valid point that perhaps as the sun shines and the evenings lengthen maybe, just maybe, there are better things to do than sit at a computer (perish the thought!) I think definitely in my life some summer stuff like holidays, bbqs and being out more in the evening has encouraged my sporadic-ness.

The other factor, though, for me is a bit sad - I've found myself feeling decidedly pedestrian this summer. I spent a significant hunk of July lamenting the fact that we weren't going on our annual pilgrimage home to Saskatchewan for the requisite quota of lake swimming, sunshine and family and friends time. Some nights I've sat down at the Mac and started trying to think of something bloggable and just felt like the usual routine of work and normal life is not especially reportable. Sigh. But that was then and this is August and with it comes the chance to turn over something of a new leaf? Less winging (read whining - I'm semi-professional) and more blogging. Afterall, whether it be my new latest favourite musician (I am digging Ryan Adams lately), a popular You Tube video (did anyone see the video of the Filipino prisoners dancing to 'Thriller'?!) or the curry I cooked tonight, there's always something worth typing about . . .

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