Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Where the ocean kisses Ireland

Oh the Green and Red of Mayo
I can see it still
It's soft and craggy bog lands
It's tall majestic hills
Where the ocean kisses Ireland
And the waves caress its shore
Oh the feeling it came over me
To stay forever more
Forever more

From its rolling coastal waters
I can see Croagh Patrick's peak
Where one Sunday every Summer
The pilgrims climb the reek
Where Saint Patrick in his solitude
Looked down across Clew Bay
And with a ringing of his bell
Called the faithful there to pray
There to pray

The Saw Doctors

Oh how quickly a week of holiday fun passes! My friend Beth sent me these song lyrics about the west coast of Ireland when I mentioned that Stu and I spent last weekend exploring county Mayo and Galway. After a week of volunteering (read staying in a flat with friends and getting very little sleep!) at a Church of Ireland conference in Sligo we were ready for a bit of chill out time and the picturesque Westport was a perfect spot. On Saturday we went for a nice drive through the countryside and it was interesting and sobering to see the various famine memorials along the roadside. On Sunday we decided to get going bright and early and walked up Croagh Patrick. The mountain is a pilgrimage site and rumor has it that on the last Sunday in July some 60,000 people (some of them barefoot!) go up to the little church on the top to received mass. The views of Clew Bay were really breathtaking from the top! This holiday report can't be too long as I must rush off to work this morning but I wanted to post even if it's short because over a week long hiatus on Always Paddle is just not done :)

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Beth said...

Here's the last verse
Oh take me to Clare Island
The home of Granuaile
Its waters harbour fishes
From the herring to the whale
And now I must depart it
And reality is plain
May the time not pass so slowly
'fore I set sail again
Set sail again.

'Where the ocean kisses Ireland...' - I'm not too much for patriotism (too tricky on this wee island) but this song gets me every time.