Sunday, July 29, 2007

A weekend in July

The spirit of my Sunday night posts are always the same - a sort of lament that the weekend is not at least one day longer. Time doing the nice chilled stuff of life always seems to go by too quickly! We did, as usual, enjoy a great weekend.

After a busy week of work and seeing friends, I was delighted to see the weekend arrive. On Friday night we had dinner with friends from Scotland who are over in Northern Ireland for a visit home and it was lovely to catch up. Then bright and early on Saturday morning we met Stu's parents at Central Station to get the Enterprise train to Dublin. Attention all Northern Irelanders out there - there is a super promotion on right now and you can go from Belfast to Dublin return for only a tenner!! I had ambitiously booked the 6.50 am train for us all (except Stu's dad who can go free anytime because he's 65 - lucky!) and had worried that maybe that had been overly enthusiastic but in the end it worked out really well. I think we all felt proud of ourselves arriving in Dublin by 9.00 am in time to go to Bewley's on Grafton Street for a lovely breakfast. I have to note that when we came out onto Grafton Street after breakfast there was a huge line of exceptionally posh Dublin women waiting outside Brown Thomas to get the newly released Dublin and Milan edition of the 'I am not a plastic bag.' I couldn't help but do a bit of smug 'been there, done that, got the t-shirt (er . . . bag)' thinking!

After breaky we took advantage of the (rare!) sunshine and hopped on the open top bus tour and then spent the remainder of the day doing a lot of the usual wandering and window shopping. I love the busy vibe of the city. There happened to be a potter demonstrating throwing clay in the Kilkenny store - it was amazing to see how easy he made it look! We had to remind ourselves that he was a professional with twenty years experience. We rounded out the afternoon by having a late lunch at the Avoca Cafe which was delicious and it was lots of fun to spend the day with Lesley and Derek! Today we slept in, did a longish run on the path by the river (during which I did my usual routine of getting grumpy with the flippin' Sunday walkers with off leash unwieldy dogs who cannot seem to grasp the concept of getting over to one side of the path to let runners and cyclists pass - grrr!), cleaned the house (well, it's about time!) and then went to church. After the service we went out for coffee with friends which was great. Now it's definitely time to hit the hay!

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