Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thank heavens for the world wide web

Calling all knitters (or even those of you just passively interested in knitting because I tend to talk about it from time to time) . . . Check out this story (thanks Joel ME for sending me the link - I love it!) about the girl who knit a car! That's right . . . I will now officially stop complaining about how annoying knitting the sleeves of Thermal is proving to be. Mad props to the (undeniably mad) car knitter . . .

What else is new? Ah yes - I have another tidbit of internet randomness for you. A word of caution to anyone contemplating posting pics of last weekend's kegger (or any other badness that you might get up to) on Facebook. Beth (a new knitter, I should mention!) sent me this crazy story reporting that some soon to be Oxford grad's fates are in question after the uni got hold of pics of students breaching the institution's code of conduct in various forms. Luckily the height of my conduct breaching these days is staying up late watching an extra episode of Grey's while waffle stitching on a work night (okay, I'm exaggerating slightly here) so I think I'm safe. But for those hooligans among us, you've been warned.


Yarnsmith said...

Hiya. Cam referred me to your blog. (We knew each other at Schloss Mittersill about 10 years ago.)

How is Thermal coming? I liked that design too, but haven't made it.

katevp said...

jules, that car is insanity!! imagine, she just woke up one day and thought " i WILL knit a car".


ps. i haven't been doing too much knitting as of late, but i have been a scrapbooking phenom!

Andi and Demi said...

Hi JKBN, I'm just trying to get my mum to knit the sleeves of a new sweater I am starting (and hoping to finish by winter). I'll send a pic once I get something worth taking a picture of! Started Harry Potter last night so knitting will likely be on hold for a few days:)
Hugs, andi