Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer hols

I finally got around to doing a very fun task tonight - trolling through the past few years of my digital pics to post some of my favourites on Facebook. It was especially good to look at our wedding pics (four years ago this week - time flies when you're having fun!) Browsing through the pics from last summer made me feel very homesick for family and friends (who, thanks to our man Anton are now officially known as Saskatards) and I found myself yearning (as usual) for the wonderful warmth of July in Saskatchewan . . . Ah well, despite the really cold and miserable weather that we Belfastards are being treated to ;) I really can't complain as I am just starting a week of holidays! We're off to Sligo and Westport and I'm looking forward to getting away and to exploring a bit of the Republic.

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katevp said...

what a beautiful photo julie!! how said i still am that i could not make it to that wedding. boo hoo hoo.

i miss you b's a lot.