Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Welcome to my world . . .

Have you seen this man?? Please post a comment if you've spotted this man (aka The Mad Walker) wearing a backpack and quite possibly a beret, daringly jay-walking the streets of major European cities . . . please help us find him - his flight home to Sask-world is fast approaching! (. . . Okay, there you go Ninners and Kate - here at APYOC we always work to make our loyal readers' special requests come true!!)

Right, moving onto something slightly more highbrow, I have to recommend the book I'm reading right now. Suite Francaise by Irene Némirovsky is absolutely brillant. Written by a Jewish novelist in 1942 who was killed later that year in Auschwitz, the manuscript detailing the story of France living under German occupation was preserved by the author's daughter until being published this year. I'm halfway through, and I have to say that the characters and style of story telling are compelling and at times delightful (despite the war-time setting.)

I was just thinking that there's not too much new to report and then I thought of yesterday's flash floods in East Belfast. Fifteen minutes of torrential rain in the afternoon (after a weekend of plus 25C!) resulted in several areas of East Belfast being flooded with up to four feet of water. Apparently the sewers backed up (can you say gross?) and many people's homes were flooded. I managed to be oblivious to the storm (can you say chained to my computer at work?) but walked through EB to my friend's for dinner who lives near some of the most badly affected area. Our house is a bit higher up so we were fine although the drain in our back yard/porch area spewed mud all over the floor. I think I'll save that clean up job for the S-dawg!

The only other thing that requires my comment is the finale of the Apprentice that was on tonight!! Ahhh, Sir Alan, what are we all going to do without you and your band of arrogant chancers completely devoid of common sense? . . . What good TV . . . I hereby re-cant all previous disparaging comments that I've made about British reality shows! I heart Nick and Margaret and I'm not afraid to say it!

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katevp said...

oh jules!! the best convocation present i could receive!!! thanks you!

i am so glad that you have been able to spend so much time with your p's this year. nice, isn't it?

love kate vpa