Monday, June 18, 2007

Thermal update!

Looking on the bright side of all this rainy wintry weather in June, the cold has prompted me to get my knit on in a serious way. The good news?! The body of Thermal is done . . . believe it or not in just under three months I've gotten there! I am really pleased with the shape, fit and beautiful flexibility of the waffle stitch (she says now that it's done!) I even posted on the Knit-A-Long - what a professional knitter am I! All I've left to do before you're graced with a smiling pic of me sporting the finished product is the sleeves and finishing which includes the neckline and buttonholes . . . Just give me three more months :)


katevp said...

Yay Julie!! it's beautiful!

i've been looking at the thermal website over the last few days, and it is making me wonder if i could indeed make my own thermal!

we'll see.

thanks for the update!

kate vpa

Anonymous said...


That knitting is sure making me jealous - I'm still only able to crochet... barely. Anyway, I was missing your baking today when I burned my first batch of cookies -- d'oh!

Anyway, enjoy your last week with the 'rents :)

luv NICO

p.s. In case you were wondering, I'm still checking your blog... daily :)

dunny said...


The thermal looks fantastic! Wow, it is amazing to see the progress of the knitting since that life altering night with Karen G and Gina P! Who knew you would become such a pro back then--I can't wait to be interviewed for your special on Oprah and say "yep, I remember those early stitches well..."


Julie said...

Thanks for your comment :) You can do it, I know you can . . . A mad quilter such as yourself would have no problem!!
Let me know if you go for it!
xo j

Julie said...

Nico dearest!
Great to hear from you :) Knowing that you check the blog daily spurs me on to post more regularly!! I bet the cookies still tasted good with a cup of coffee :) Any exciting summer plans??
Miss you lots - j xo

Julie said...

What a debt of gratitude we owe to Karen G and Gina P!! Where would we be in life without apple pie and knitting (in no particular order!)? What's going on my dear Cali kid??
Miss you loads as usual . . . We are contemplating starting training for Dublin . . . How's your programme going for NYC (so jealous!)?
xox j to the bn