Friday, June 1, 2007

It's not easy being ginger . . .

When I was growing up I was frequently asked by nice old ladies, 'Dear, where did you get your beautiful hair?' I became ever so slightly vain, thinking of my red hair as a unique and positive trait. Well the good old Anne of Green Gables bubble officially burst as I came to live in Northern Ireland and I was recently reminded while overhearing a good-natured conversation about ginger-ness at work. Click here to get a taste of how ginga's are viewed in the UK (check out the FAQ because even I as a ginger kid think it's funny . . . I particularly like the belief that we don't have souls! You be the judge.) Now, to be fair, I think the shade of red which is most reviled by Brits is a bit more orange than me, but it's pretty safe to say that we're all tarred with the same 'copper-top/carrot-top' brush. The agony!

It's been a bit of a mad week and I am certainly having that TGIF feeling tonight. It's been full of job interview prep (more on that later . . . ) and the regular grind of work. Tonight I had a quick visit with my parents before they went off to see the one and only Elton John in concert! Belfast will be crocodile rocking tonight!


The Clothesline said...

I felt downright nostalgic seeing that picture of Megan Follows as "Anne" on your blog. Did you know that Anne is my all-time favourite book??

Beth said...

Oh dear. Now I feel bad, You're not a ginger, and even if you were we shouldn't malign you for it. I have been blogged...and I have learned my lesson. Gingers are people too (even if their soul status is up for debate...). I do love your hair!

Julie said...

Hi Cath :)
Good to hear from you - hope you're enjoying the arrival of summer. How's the new garden looking?
I too have always loved Anne of Green Gables - come to think of it, I think I should give it another read and watch the movies again!
Have a good weekend -
j x

Julie said...

bb :)
you've been blogged - now you know all the little things we get up to at work are fair game!! don't worry - i wasn't offended in the slightest :) we soul-less folk don't bruise easily!
see you on monday my facebook friend!
j x