Saturday, June 2, 2007

In the navy . . .

Stu and I had an interesting experience this afternoon. We read in the newspaper that a Canadian naval ship the HMCS St John's was to be docked in Belfast this weekend and that people could come on board for a tour. While I'm not generally into warships as a matter of course ;) I am always on the lookout for Canadians, so after a lazy morning we went down this afternoon and had a look around. The event was sponsored by Nova Scotia tourism with the hope of attracting more Northern Irish folk as the low-cost airline Zoom is about to launch a new direct flight from Belfast to Halifax. It was interesting to walk around the ship and there were a few Nova Scotia bands playing.

While standing around listening to the music I started talking to one of the crew members and asked about their living quarters. It turned out that he was the chief cook on the ship and he very kindly took us down into the lower decks of the ship to give us a full tour! It was an eye opener to see their bunks (stacked three high and some cabins have as many as 27 people living together - compact!) and to see their kitchens and mess halls. Our tour guide was a lovely Newfoundlander and he was so hospitable, even treating us to a drink in the ship's pub! Of course I used this positive experience to expound later to Stu about the friendliness of us Canucks.

Moving from Canadians to Parisians, I must mention a great French movie we saw tonight at our favourite local independent cinema. My Best Friend was a lovely movie - a funny and profound discussion of friendship. Both Stu and I thought the story and characters were wonderful and it also got me very excited for my trip to Paris this week (yes, more holidays!) with my mom and dad.

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