Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Going public

Training officially starts next week for the Dublin marathon on the 29th October 2007! In an effort to motivate myself and make sure the training starts in earnest I'm boldly announcing our goal here on Always Paddle. What can I say - nothing like fear of looking like a slacker to the readership to get me going out on those long Sunday runs! We loved doing the Dublin marathon last year - over 12,000 runners, a very friendly atmosphere and a great course in coolio Dublin . . . anyone fancy joining us?!


Beth said...

Me, Me! Oh that's right, I'm very unfit. And I'll have a new baby. And I can't run! Not me, not me!

Nancy Jean said...

sign the ninnygoat up!

now, would anyone be interested in sponsoring my flight there? ;)

I will get us all matching running shirts if we get a team together...what could our team name be? any suggestions on that one, APYOC community?

happy training stubird and julie b.

katevp said...

julie and stuart!!! you can do it!

dunny said...

Yeah!! Maybe we can train 'together' again...NYC is November 4, so we are only a week apart... though does this mean you are going to have to start running again? ;-)