Monday, June 25, 2007

The end of an era

Well, after six months of good times and happy travels, the parentals are on their way to home sweet home tomorrow morning. Queue the crumpled faces and make sure plenty of Kleenex is on hand for the airport (I'm definitely not joking!) Ah well . . . on the bright side we had a lovely evening tonight out for a nice Chinese meal for Mom's birthday tomorrow. Even as parting is such sweet sorrow yada yada, they are looking forward to getting home for a lovely Saskatchewan summer after some amazing travels, lots of chilling out and good times together - I hope those of you in Saskatoon are primed and ready for the mother of all slide shows as the mad-walker-happy-snapper (as he's known in these parts) has many great pics! As they say in Belfast, 'safe home' . . .


Anonymous said...

what time do mom and dad arrive?

Nancy Jean said...

jules - love the red jacketa. wearing it today in fact...and many other treasures from ma and pa from over the 6 months!

so good to see them...wish you were coming too...xmas i guess :)

speak soon,

Julie said...

oooh! i'm glad you like it - send me a pic - i knew it was funky a la ninny and that you would look so fab in it :) i am glad you had a great reunion - the rents were looking very forward to seeing you, cpb, ruthie and your canine friends :)
you don't even know how bad i wish we were home right now . . . sigh! saskatoon in june . . . boo hoo
miss you - jul ;)

Santosh said...

I still remember my doomed personal retreat at your cabin at _____ lake. I really wanted to have this nice time alone with God. I was totally idealistic. I think on Saturday afternoon I broke down and drove into Prince Albert, ate at Taco Time and watched a bad Bat Man movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger played Mr. Freeze.
The cabin was ideal for a retreat, but I wasn't ideal at the time!