Wednesday, May 2, 2007

You're fired!

Oh, how I love The Apprentice (point of clarification - we're talking the British version with UK millionaire Sir Alan Sugar - I find Donald Trump and that animal on his head more than just a bit creepy!) I must admit, every Wednesday evening I look forward to this delicious blend of arrogance, chaos and sheer lack of common sense! All I really want to know is how in the world did these seemingly incompetent people get so confident!? It's pure gold.

What else is new in my world?? Well, one year ago today Stu, Dunny and I ran the Belfast marathon. I know that's not news really, but I enjoyed a sweet moment of nostalgia earlier today when I remembered the agony and the glory of running through the good (and the bad) of this fair (and not so fair) city!


dunny said...


Thanks for the wee bit of nostalgia for our accomplishment last year! I remember it fondly not only as the day I ran the Belfast marathon, but also the last time I ran more than 2 miles!


Anonymous said...

Julie, Are you and Stu accompanying your parents to the resort in mid-England this coming week? Congrats re: particpating in the B. Marathon last year-- must have left an imprint on you! A.A.