Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Between Facebook, APYOC and uploading pics to Kodakgallery every now and again, the computer has an amazing capacity to take up alot of time! This is my round about way of excusing myself for the less than daily posts here at Always Paddle. I know, I know. It's simply not good enough!

I was going to blog about the unholy nature of housing prices in Belfast, but I want to think out my rant a bit more carefully, so you've got that to look forward to in the near future! Instead, I will give a quick rundown of our long weekend, because what better place to share random and insignificant details about my life? :)

After the Willy Mason debacle (okay, it wasn't that bad - now I'm just being overly dramatic!) I enjoyed some serious sleeping in on Saturday morning. Eventually I got myself going and did a good and proper spring clean of our spare bedroom which is usually unbearably messy (picture heaps of clothes!) I ruthlessly packed the bags for the charity shop and must admit that it felt good. I think I have a tinge of the pack rat syndrom and so every now and then I have to get serious about clearing things out. Cleaning was followed by grocery shopping (how very grown up and boring huh?) which was followed by a visit to a new vintage clothing shop in Holywood which was followed by coffee at our favourite hangout The Yard. It was all good and sufficiently chilled. Saturday night was great because we spent the evening with my mom and dad (I'm in denial that they're leaving in a matter of weeks!)

Where are we? Oh yes, Sunday included sleeping in (again - true confessions!), a nice long-ish run along the Lagan river, church and coffee with friends afterward. Then yesterday (yes, it was yet another long weekend! Ninny, I know you're jealous) we had both our sets of parents over for brunch (I made cinnamon buns which remind me fondly of my Grandma Broten.) In the evening we got together with friends for Chinese food and a movie night where we watched Talladega Nights which was a delightful mix of funny and stupid (I can't over emphasise the stupid here, just to warn you! I heart Sacha Baron Cohen in this movie although I can't bring myself to actually watch Borat.) So that was then, and now it's Tuesday.

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