Saturday, May 26, 2007

In my opinion . . .

As I sat down at the computer to blog tonight Stu asked me if I was going to wield the power and influence of AYPOC to, and I quote, 'stick the knife into Willy Mason.' Ever the benevolent blogger, I shall try to be gentle as I review the concert we went to last night. While Willy's voice was incredible and I really like his music, I felt progressively throughout the gig that we were watching an artist who has not quite arrived. The whole show was kindof sloppy with long breaks between songs where the band tried to figure out what to play next. I think the thing that really annoyed me was that the gang seemed drunk-ish at the start and then the star preceded to get absolutely 'blocked' (NI slang for hammered) as the concert progressed. The student crowd at the venue cheered wildly as Willy chugged a bottle of Buckfast (sweet cheap wine drank by fourteen year olds in back allies and parks across the UK.) Maybe I'm just getting old, but paying to watch someone become inebriated is just not my thing! That said, his voice was amazing and he had good stage presence that just needs some honing. I'm glad we went because I really think he's on the cusp of making it fairly big, but the bottom line that that I'm hoping that next time I go to his gig things are more polished and professional. Nonetheless, it was a good night out and we went with some friends so that was fun.

Moving on from my minor concert woes, we had a lovely Saturday today. It was fairly chilled out and we really enjoyed having my parents over for dinner and a movie tonight. I cooked an Indian dish from my new Madhur Jaffrey book and it turned out really well (ever notice how I never mention the things that I cook that don't turn out?) After dins we watched On a Clear Day which is a lovely, funny Scottish movie (reminiscent of Calendar Girls) about a Scotsman who decides to swim the English Channel. It was great.


katevp said...

hey jules. i've noticed a few time that abbreviate your blog as AYPOC,when really it whould be APYOC.
you nobles are looking good in that photo!.

miss you!

dunny said...

Hey JBN,

Glad to see you keeping up the blog as well as the's the new cookbook, other than the one dish? Is it a JBN recommend? I'm looking for a good (and not completely complicated) Indian cookbook to add to the repertoire...


Nancy Jean said...

aren't you the most attractive can-brit couple roaming the streets and concert pubs of belfast!
sorry to have missed your calls. i was just out for a few minutes unfortunatement...maybe manana?
hope you are well.
must sleep now.
love nin

Nancy Jean said...

and might i add that you are both sporting some springy tops. me likey.
and have you some colour, or is that just the lighting?

Julie said...

thanks for the tip kvpa! i had never noticed my mistake - i can always count on you to keep me right!! :) hope you two are doing well - any exciting summer plans??
hugs to you and thom!
j :)

Julie said...

dunners :)
believe me between the blog, facebooking and putting albums on kodakgallery i am kept busy!!
the 'new' cookbook is actually quite old - from 1994! i got it at a charity book shop when we were in london - it's madhur jaffrey and i think she's great. i have used some others of hers from the library and everything's been very tasty. i am not sure if she's available in the u s of a - maybe you'll have to come over to pick one up! :)
how's the obsessive compulsive gardening going? i like the sound of that!!
miss you -
j xo

Julie said...

ninnygoat dearest!
you are too kind - i wouldn't exactly say that we are roaming the pubs and clubs - that makes us sound decidedly more exciting than we are! ;)
yes - new springy clothes - my butterfly top is from h&m - it was my favourite find in london last weekend!! i had a good day trying on a million things when stu was working - wished you were there :) stu's stripey sweater matches his stripey glasses but no, he didn't do it on purpose!
as for the colour - dare i reveal my secret on APOYC (got the abbrev. right!)? johnson's holiday skin lotion is fab. i don't go for UV rays!
miss you and talk to you today i hope - left you some comments on your facebook race pics!!
j xo

The Clothesline said...

I smiled to see your comment about the concert. It doesn't take long for us to feel a little old for some of this stuff, does it?
You may want to check out this blog, Julie: