Saturday, May 12, 2007

Home again

Well, we're home again after a glorious holiday in lovely Devon - how quickly a whole week goes by when you're sleeping in, eating yummy food, going for long walks, enjoying good company and just generally relaxing! It was a great week despite the gray skies and wet weather that dominated - I've included this picture of the lovely sunny beach where we were staying as proof that it didn't rain the whole time we were away, but just about - truly, the weather was (as they'd say here) crap but thankfully it didn't stop us from having a good time!

So, what did we get up to? Lots of day trips including a walk to another village for a pub lunch (how typically English hey?), a day trip to Padstow where we had very posh fish and chips at the one and only Rick Stein's chippy (Stu's taken to calling it Pad-stein because he seems to own half the town!), a day trip to the lovely Clovelly which was great (and the sun shone!) and a day trip to Ilfracombe (unremarkable - I think it had it's hay day in the '30s and never really recovered - the piss pouring rain could have dampened our impressions though!) Of course there was the recurring theme since January of how great it was to spend lots of chilled out time with my mom and dad :)

We also walked on the windy beaches alot, swam in the hotel pool, had one or two cream teas (you have to when in Devon!), I knit (the sweater is coming along really well - pics coming soon) and everyone read lots. Thanks for all the recommendations and feel free to keep 'em coming - they are going on my summer reading list! Being so organised I ended up reading things readily available in the airport bookshop including the similarly titled The Memory Keeper's Daughter (good holiday read) and The Aboritionist's Daughter (just okay - it's a quick mystery.) My mom has discovered that all these years a voracious novel reader lurked within who just never got enough peace to read so she's been flying through the Maeve Binchy like nobody's business!

Okay, that's probably just about enough gloating about how nice it was to be off and away - Now we're home again and I'm trying to hold on to the last vestiges of that very relaxed, chilled out feeling that we enjoyed all week! One last funny thing - Stu grew a beard while we were away and tonight he shaved but left the most disgusting 'tash that you ever did see. It's definitely not a good look for him. Thankfully he has rectified the situation but I've got photographic evidence of the dastardly deed.


dunny said...

love the stash, Stu...too bad it is no longer.

Nancy Jean said...

glad to have you back, on the APYOC that is.
talked to m and p a long while today. ask them to tell you the few stories i told them to tell you. they should know what i mean. or, you should give me a ring sometime soon and i could tell you.
hope you are relaxed. i took out the History of Love novel that kvanpan recommended and me likes. put it on the list.
love always - nin