Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Chocolate Factory

Had a lovely evening tonight. We got together at my sister-in-law's place for a lovely meal to celebrate Stu's mom's birthday and it was great. I suppose I must admit that in addition to the good company and fun conversation with our families (my mom and dad were there too!) I was doubly happy because the gluten free Chocolate Cupcakes with Ancho Chili and Whipped Cream that I made for dessert turned out a treat. Gluten-free baking (for my beloved father-in-law) can be tricky (what with no flour and all) so it's satisfying when I find a recipe that works. I know the chocolate chili tradition has a long Mayan tradition (or something like that . . . picture me channelling Juliette Binoche!) but it was a bit freaky spooning the chili powder into the lovely mixture of melted chocolaty, buttery, sugary, egg whitey goodness but it was a hit!

Oh, and while I'm on the foodie topic, I wanted to post a link to a new recipe site recommended by my friend Beth. Visit Jill Dupleix online for a good selection of Aussie recipes. I haven't gotten to try anything yet but lots of things look yummy and of course I keep ya posted!

What else is new, she says?? I just downloaded Rufus Wainwright's new album but haven't had time to listen to it yet. I like Rufus - I have very fond memories of baking in the treeplanting kitchen, his tunes doing a fairly effective job of helping me ignore the heat and bugs. Also, bully for him, he's the darling of the lefty British media so he's regularly featured in the weekend papers. Anyway, as I said I haven't had time to listen because I've got myself plugged into Willy Mason (not to be confused with Willy Nelson) in preparation (that sounds like I'm studying!) for his gig at Mandela Hall in Belfast on Friday! Looking forward to it :)

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Joel M-E said...

God bless a Gluten free cook :-)

My wife makes me a wicked chocolate chip banana bread...... hmmm.... she is in bed, and the freezer is right around the corner :)