Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thursday's child

I placed a bid on Ebay tonight for the first time. I bid a fairly low amount on this lovely Orla Kiely bag. Ever since my dear and very stylish friend Anne-Lise came to visit with her Orla Kiely coffee cup print bag (I couldn't find a pic but it is so gorgeous!) I have been looking for one online. Since the print was from a couple of years ago it's probably a bit of a pipe dream to think about finding one, let alone at a reasonable price, but what the heck. I surf nonetheless! Anyway, about fifteen minutes after I placed my bid my maximum price was bested, so it was an exciting but brief foray into the world of Ebaying. While I really don't need more opportunities to spend my money, I'm sure I'll be back, spurred on by my desire for the fabled coffee cup bag and yarn.

Speaking of yarn, just to update you Thermal is coming right along. Working from the bottom up I've done about three inches and so far the aptly named waffle stitch isn't driving me too crazy! I'll post a pic when there's a bit more to see. I've resolved to knit every day and to make sure I bring my knitting everywhere (bar work) so that I can seize the little moments of the day spent sitting having coffee etc. Afterall, I would love to see this sweater completed before April 2008!

Tonight I actually made some good stitching progress while watching a couple of episodes of House which we recently got from Amazon. Both Stu and I really like it - Hugh Laurie (who funnily enough is an old school comic actor from the UK) has totally reinvented himself as convincingly American, so mean and very cool. His gravelly voice doesn't hurt either.

Off to bed now to sit up late (no work tomorrow!) reading a new novel - The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld. While it's still early days, so far I'm really enjoying it (except the murder parts of course.) I'll let you know if I can give it a full recommendation as soon as I've finished.

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