Friday, April 6, 2007

No work, all play

Stu and I have enjoyed a really nice day off today for Good Friday. This morning we woke up to yet another day full of sunshine and blue skies. We enjoyed walking into Belfast city centre where we met my parents at St George's Market. The big open air market was really busy - on Friday mornings the market sells mostly food along with tables and tables hocking what looks like junk to me (the phrase 'One man's trash . . . ' comes to mind!) In contrast, I would say that the Saturday morning market is a more gentrified version which, although the produce prices are rumored to be higher, I enjoy more. Anyway, the Friday morning market experience is certainly authentic as you jostle shoulder to shoulder with Irish grannies hunting for bargains.

After enjoying a morning coffee with mom and dad, Stu and I were wandering through town and spontaneously decided to go to the Mourne Seafood Bar for lunch. After some recommendations from some work friends, we've been wanting to go there for several weeks now and it certainly did not disappoint. The place has a great atmosphere and delicious food! I am sometimes disappointed with eating out in Belfast, but my linguine with seared scallops and Stu's seafood risotto were wonderful. It was also kindof quirky and interesting to find out that pubs and restaurants can't sell alcohol before five pm on Good Friday. Ooh - I have to mention that we also enjoyed starting with a plate of oysters, a treat that we haven't had since the good old days in St Andrews when my old boss Tim kindly treated us to the odd meal at The Seafood Restaurant.

The lunch out was followed by an afternoon of chilling and reading which was followed by an evening session at the gym. Lovely. The best part? It's only Friday night tonight so the whole weekend is still to come :)

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