Saturday, April 7, 2007

Irish BBQ

We are just in the door tonight after a great evening BBQ tonight hosted by our good friends Paul and Ruth. It was a very nice evening full of good food and lots of laughs - Unfortunately the warm and sunny day that we enjoyed earlier quickly cooled off as soon as we fired up the grill and set out the lawn chairs. Ruth lent us all extra sweaters and we managed to eat our dinner outside but eventually had to go in! April has been really lovely this year, but trying to sit out in the back yard in the evening was pushing it a bit! A fire pit would have come in very handy . . .

The rest of the day was really good and somewhat unique since this afternoon, Stu's mom Lesley, Stuart and my dad went on an hour long flight over Northern Ireland! Lesley was gifted the flight last spring for her 60th birthday and chose today to redeem the voucher and very kindly invited Stu and my dad along for the ride. They all really enjoyed it and no doubt some aerial pics of green fields will be forthcoming. While they were up in the clouds, Mom and I enjoyed wandering through posh shops on the Lisburn Road and going for coffee. Very chilled.

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