Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Easter greetings to everyone! I woke up this morning feeling full of energy - the spring sunshine is so wonderful. I spent the morning doing some baking (every now and then I need a little fix of measuring and mixing and have been doing quite a lot lately.) The recipes included Coconut and Almond Cake with Mango and Passion Fruit Syrup for dessert this afternoon and Wheatabix Muffins for breakfast.

While baking I listened to Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs on BBC Radio 2. It is a very long running show full of dedications to loved ones and mostly cheesy music - while I don't really like the show, I often end up listening on Sundays while drinking a cup of tea and putzing around in the kitchen. I find the Lost Loves segment of the show very interesting - today a woman called Claire was looking to be reunited with a guy called Ken who she met in Wales on a summer fling forty years ago. Hmm - I felt curious about what Claire would hope might come out of this reunion?

Anyway, carrying on with the energy theme I went and swam at the gym which I am really enjoying lately - I love blocking out the whole world with my ear plugs and my bathing cap - refreshingly it's just me and the deep blue.

This afternoon we enjoyed some nice time with our families - Stuart's parents hosted us all for a lovely Easter dinner. Tonight Stu and I are maxin' and relaxin' (yes, that was a Fresh Prince reference) and very much enjoying the prospect of no work tomorrow! So far on the agenda, I have scheduled myself to eat a Cadbury's Cream Egg. I'll keep you posted if anymore concrete plans materialise!

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katevp said...

Happy Easter Julie!!

the long weekend has been treating us nicely as well. dinner out to our friends the Pulsifer's, and then at my aunt and uncle's. then we had a lovely casual sunday morn meeting, acoustic style (this usually happens when the musicians are away!) and then last night we stayed up into the wee hours helping our lovely friends Ryan and Sara make their wedding invites. Yay! anyway, today looks to be another lazy day. Another quilt is in the works and i may even be able to post this one! hurrah!!

good day to you!

oh also, we went and saw Blades of Glory. Ridunculous but oh so very funny.