Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A few unrelated things . . .

It's Wednesday night of a short week! Happy days as they say here in Belfast - only one more day of work and then it's Easter weekend! Lots of colleagues will be off all of the week following the holiday weekend (I have to admit that an abundance of annual leave is one of the very good things about working in the UK.) Even so, I have resisted temptation this time around and have managed to avoid taking any extra days off since I've some travelling fun and games planned in May and June including trips to Devon, London and Paris! These wee trips are unusual for us and it's very nice to have so much to look forward to.

I have been meaning to highlight my friend Catherine's blog for several days now. By way of background, Cath is mother of Andi of McWicz fame. She's especially interested in over fifty bloggers joining her audience, so if you're a silver surfer (is that funny term still used?) be sure to check out The Clothesline where Cath's recently posted some cool mountain photos from her ski vacation.

What else is new? Oh yes, I am enjoying taking part of a group at my work that organises workplace activities that promote healthy living. For example, this week a nurse has been in giving people cardiac risk factor assessments (I'm getting my cholesterol and blood pressure taken tomorrow.) We've also recently started the second round of a 12 week Get Active health challenge which encourages participants to do 30 minutes of exercise, eat five portions of fruit and veg and drink two litres of water a day. I think it's great to inject a focus on health and a bit of fun and energy into our desk jobs! I know the challenge has motivated me already because I swam 2km at the gym tonight after work (pat self on the back here.)


Nancy Jean said...

Hello MCfly! Bruce and Annabelle are the ideal silver surfers to start bloggin! get them hooked up and join the ranks of the tres interesting clothesline blog...and, just imagine the blog postings that would come from papa bear!

Julie said...

Nice one on the BTTF reference! You are so right - combine B and A's addiction to broadband with their newfound abunance of time and you would have a great blog! Great idea - i'll work on it! :)
Hope you're well and that the weather has warmed up a bit for you!
Bye for now sister bear :)
C Sr (do you remember what that stands for? hehe)

katevp said...

oooooooh, i would love it if bruce and anne had a blog. imagine toi!

i really should do a post of my very first experience with them. On the way to visit Fern, in the Buick, with sticky hands.

oh i am laughing just remembering it!!!

Nancy Jean said...

HAHA! i am laughing at both the C Sr. reference, and cinnammon bun sticky hands good. kvp, you had no idea! fernie still always asks how katie is doing.
hug to you both today - enjoy the weekend!

Julie said...

oh kate, please do a post!
i'm thinking cinni bun and windshield washer fluid - while driving!! i wasn't even there but i just love imagining kate's inner monologue! :) hehe
it brings to mind a similar incident ninners when lovely aussie robyn first met you - 'just why, exactly, does this girl keep petting her granny?' hehehe
oh, btw kate, i love the pic of you swimming on your blog - the sunshine on the lake is absolutely stunning - like a breath of fresh air.
have a good long weekend both of you mad girls!! xox
julie jules :)