Monday, April 30, 2007

Facebook Junkie

'Hey Jul, what are you doing?' Stu asks me from the kitchen as he gets started on preparing dinner. 'Nothing,' I reply with a hint of guilt in my voice as I quickly minimise the window on my computer. That's right - I'm at Facebook again, feverishly looking for another fix of long lost friends from good times gone by. I've only been a member for a day but from the first hit I was well and truly hooked. I realise that everybody and their dog is already into this, but it was a fresh find for me and I'm delighted that so far I've found old buddies from Pioneer Camp, Caswell School, Bedford Road, Western, UBC and St Andrews!

Hehe - Don't panic - I did manage to break away from the computer this evening to go for a walk along the coast with my friend Cherie which was lovely :) Oh, and while it's not at all related to Facebook, I must also take a minute to mention that as of today smoking is officially banned in all public spaces in Northern Ireland!!


Nancy Jean said...

one addiction to the next. now that you have given up the cigs, you are a junkie for the facebook. i can relate.

the clothesline said...

Julie, interesting that I read your comments today because I wasn't familiar with Facebook. However, The Current had a very interesting interview about kids "note passing" about their teachers on Facebook and getting caught. The parent who was interviewed didn't believe his child should have been punished the way he was - he was denied access to a MOntreal field trip. I also heard about "Angry Teachers" getting filmed for the internet under situations where the kids set it up to escalate. I'm going subbing tomorrow at the local high school - maybe I'll end up on it!

Julie said...

it's comforting to hear you know my pain :)
j xo

Julie said...

hi cath!
good luck back in the classroom tomorrow - hopefully you don't turn up on youtube! i'm sure it will go well, and if nothing else, help you to appreciate retirement all the more - hope things are well in the slo lane ;)
take care