Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dub Day

We rose and shone very early this morning - our good intentions to catch the train straight to Dublin were thwarted by a 'security threat' on the train line (welcome to NI folks - sigh) so we had to be bused to Newry where we then got the train. Accompanying our minister David, we eventually successfully arrived at the beautiful conference venue at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham where we attended a very interesting conference on reconciliation hosted by the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs.

After the conference we spent a few hours dandering around Dublin (see Stu doing some expert map reading!) It is such a busy, energetic place - the city is absolutely full of young people and there is so much going on. In the evening we enjoyed a great meal at Wagamama which is one of our favourites. If you haven't been to a Wagamama before, I recommend it if you have a chance - it's a very clever, funky variation on a noodle bar where you sit at long tables alongside other customers and they bring you your food quite quickly. In case you were wondering (as I'm sure you weren't!) I went for the chili chicken ramen (big bowl of noodle soup) and Stu had his old faithful yaki soba. Scrumptious.

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dunny said...

Wagamama, I'm so jealous!