Saturday, April 28, 2007

Big day out

Stuart and I caught the train bright and early this morning to Dublin. Yes, I know that we were there only last week, but there was a rare cheap deal on tickets so we jumped at the chance to hit the big city. We had a great day! It was a very chilled outing which included some touristing and lots of just plain enjoying the sunshine in the city. In the morning we toured Christ Church Cathedral which was very good - it was interesting, though not surprising, to see how the history of the cathedral (which dates from 1030 AD) was shaped by what monarch controlled Ireland when.

Later in the day we did a bit of shopping which included bookshops and clothes browsing as well as looking at ridiculously expensive things in the very posh Brown Thomas and visiting high end stationary stores to cater to Stu's new obsession with Mont Blanc pens! Eventually we felt keen to escape the mayhem of Grafton Street and happily went to the Avoca Cafe for a late lunch. Let me just say that it was seriously good (yes, I do know that my highlights usually are centred around food!) Avoca is my absolute favourite store in Dublin and I always go to look at (read covet) all the beautiful clothes/bags/housewares/kitchen stuff. But, being the thicko (as they say here) that I am I didn't know that there was a wonderful cafe on the top floor (oddly, I did know about the Avoca Cafe cookbooks - don't ask me where I thought the cafe was!) All that to say that all in all it was a lovely day :)

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