Friday, March 30, 2007

News Flash

Big news! Much to my parents' delight recent statistics indicate that Saskatchewan's population is growing. According to recent news reports Saskatchewan's growth in the last quarter of 2006 exceeded the national average for the first time in 23 years. And, very interestingly, the main explanation for the increase is people moving (presumably back) from Alberta! I think it's a very positive report.

Keeping on the current events theme, I cannot help but highlight this story of 41 year old astronaut Sunita Williams who has been in orbit since December. Unbelievably, she's going to run the Boston marathon on a treadmill in space!! More power to her, but seriously, why would you do that!?

And that's the news. Goodnight folks!


Nancy Jean said...

i heart SK.

katevp said...

wow, that space lady is crazy!! have they looked into the possibility that maybe her oxygen supply is not working right?

katevp said...

ps. I heart SK too

The Loeppkys said...

You assume correctly that it is indeed people moving back from Alberta. Apparently the cost of living in Alberta along with long commute times and the general pace of life is making SK more and more hospitable, despite the winters :)

SK will always have a special place in my heart - especially good ol' Jeanette Lake :)

Joel M-E said...

There are billboards all over the city advertising moving to SK. Key feature - cheap houses. In Edmonton, the avg. house price went up 50% last year, and is expected to go up another 30% this year.

I heart SK as well, especially Camp Osh. (gonna be there at the end of July for a week :)

Joel M-E said...

hey Ma Leoppky,

you guys should think about coming to the CMDS (your Mr would put the D in CMDS) - it is focused a bit more for families, but the food is good, relaxing, etc

Julie said...

I do too.
Miss you!
Thanks for the good news email ;)
xox j

Julie said...

craziness seems very very possible . . . hope you are doing well and that the final stretch of school is going really well! keep the faith - you're nearly there! :)
miss you
j :)

Julie said...

ahhh oshkidee - thanks for the reminder (not that i needed one!) i truly love it there and all the lovely people who make up all my memories of it . . .
hope you've had a lovely weekend!
j :)

Julie said...

cheap houses you say?! i think sk should advertise in belfast where the average house price went up by 37% last year. it's scary stuff especially when i take the price of an average first time buy here and convert it to canadian dollars - let's just say that in saskatoon you truly do get more bang for your buck!
tempting . . . (just don't mention the minus 30 thing!)
take care and happy cmds-ing . . .
julianne :)