Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oh how I love a good controversy!

Here I go again folks . . . Over some tasty Indian food last night our friends Paul and Ruth were telling us about Martyn Joseph. Joseph is a Welsh folk singer who specialises in singing truth to power and is apparently very popular in Canada. Anyway, Joseph recently sang a controversial song at the Greenbelt Festival in reaction to TV evangelist Pat Robertson's controversial statements, among others, that Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez should be assassinated and that Ariel Sharon's stroke was divine punishment (he later apologised.) On a side note, check out Robertson's Age Defying Protein Pancakes and Pat's Diet Shake. Strange but true.

Click here for the full story or listen to the very interesting interview with Joseph on BBC Wales.


Nancy Jean said...

jbn, i love you, but here is the true controversy: who thinks julie should blog everyday?
i do. i do.
cleo has a cone on her head, but now i can take her to the dog park!
tell dad that the snowblowing is great, and gramma v gave you $50 bucks for your bday - it is in mom's account.
love to you all, and miss you...just finished my big Tuesday! phew.
love nin

Santosh said...

Pat Robertson can also leg press 2000 lbs. - there's a video of him doing it somewhere on his web-site.