Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A grey area

Okay Ninny, I know I haven't been posting very regularly but the truth of the matter is that the past two nights when I've sat down to share my wisdom with the world (hehe) my wireless connection has gone hay-wire and so I just went to bed. Sad but true.

So anyway, how about something completely frivolous for a change?? On Sunday night the new series of Grey's Anatomy started with back to back episodes on channel five. Now, ask some of my friends at work and they will confirm that I've been talking about this since July when the last series finished. Again, sad but true. So needless to say that I was looking forward to the episodes when a moral crisis arose . . . usually we go to church on Sunday night and then have coffee with friends. Would I forsake such wholesome fellowship for a soapy hospital drama (when Dr McDreamy's involved need you ask!)? My dilemma was momentarily solved when Stuart phoned his dear mom who happily agreed to tape it for me since our ancient VCR doesn't record. Now I'm giving you far to much detail, but to make a long story longer I ended up second guessing my moral high ground position when I found out that the in-law's VCR didn't work! Shock horror. The resolution you ask? I am now a happy bunny because my dear friend and colleague Beth happened to have several episodes downloaded and hooked me up with the sweet little disk yesterday. Now, aren't you glad I posted?

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