Sunday, March 4, 2007


It's so good to see friends this weekend that I haven't seen in a long time and be able to pick right off where we left off! That's how I felt spending the past couple of days with our good friends from Vancouver Anne-Lise and Darren. We had a really lovely time together just chilling out and doing lots of catching up. Love that! It was a bit of a bummer that Stuart had to go away to work in Enniskillen for the day as he would've enjoyed spending a bit more time with them. Their great company coupled with their descriptions of the Alps, Swiss chocolate, the outdoor cinema and the law-abiding Swiss has prompted Stu and I to already start planning a trip to visit them in Geneva this summer!

Another highlight of the weekend was getting a chance to go over to my mom and dad's flat for dinner tonight and to just hang out with them. It is a very unique experience for me to be living in the same city as my parents and to get to just pop by for a visit and I have to say that it's a real treat!

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Anonymous said...

rme tells me that she tried calling you on the weekend. perhaps we can talk in the coming days.