Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday night project

An exciting package arrived today from the good old U S of A - the OC to be exact. Such fun! The contents included lovely burgundy yarn for Thermal (I started tonight!!!), some stationary thingy for 3x5 cards that Stu was very keen on (puzzling to me), California coolio brown leather flip flops from Dunny for my b-day and a mag featuring Ugly Betty! Big thank you to Ms Dunny for the flips and also for just generally being our source of all good things American :)

So, you guessed it, my weekend plans include a lot of knitting as well as spending time with the 'rents, having a special day on Sunday for my bonne fete and just generally chilling out. Bliss.


Andi and Demi said...

Yup, pretty confused about the card holder? Anyway, good luck with the sweater! (and Happy early b-day!!!) Andi

Anonymous said...

Hi, Julie and Stuart, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, julie; we wish you a very fine day with hubby and parents and in-laws.Blessings, A & K2.