Saturday, March 3, 2007

Election Fever

I read Ninny's comment on my last post and must admit that I have been slacking on the daily posts. I have no real explanation except that life has felt busy/chaotic (mostly in a good way) and as such I have been very tired some nights and given myself permission to fall into bed without having done a post. Bad me.

Why so busy you ask? Well, most recently we've been busy preparing for the East Belfast Election Forum that we held at our church on Thursday night. It was a great event! We were really pleased with the turnout of about 100 spectators and nine election candidates. Some very important questions were asked by the audience on topics including housing, health, education, policing and water charges. Stuart and our friend Paul did a great job of chairing and keeping things organised and all I can say is thank heavens for the bell that told candidates when their time was up on each question! There is an interesting post about the forum by our diocese's Bishop on the Northern Ireland election blog.

What else is new? To fill you in as well on the past couple of days, our dear friends Anne-Lise and Darren arrived last night from Geneva to visit for the weekend which has been really great! We've had fun sharing meals, drinking coffee, shopping a bit, getting all caught up and giving them the real politik tour of Belfast. It's great to see them!

Oh yes, and had I been posting regularly the past couple of days, I most certainly would have done a post wishing everyone a happy March! Isn't it good to get to a 'spring-y' month? That's all for now . . .

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