Saturday, March 24, 2007


Had fun this evening trying out my new food processor that Stuart got me for my birthday! (He gave it to me this morning because he has to leave for work early on Sunday morning and I don't like the sound of getting up early, especially on my birthday.) This evening we were truly amazed at how efficiently the new Kenwood dealt with the carrots and mushrooms for tonight's stir fry. And, I should clarify that while this is indeed a home appliance it is certainly not like being given a vacuum cleaner for my birthday - Call me crazy but the food processor has been a much coveted item that has something of a toy-like quality for me.

Here's a little random story from our day - as we were walking up to Marks and Spencer in Ballyhackamore we passed a non-descript red brick building. Some people were coming out of it and before I could register their vaguely familiar faces, Stuart asked me if I knew who they were - Suddenly I twigged as I saw an old man wearing a black fedora getting into the back seat of a car. 'There's Ian!' I exclaimed, sounding a bit too excited since I am not a fan. And so it was - we had stumbled upon a very important meeting of the Democratic Unionist Party. The post-election deadline for Sinn Fein and the DUP to form a coalition government is Monday so the big wigs were apparently doing some strategising. I was a bit disappointed in myself because several of the faces belonged to people that I have repeated pledged that if I ever met them in a street I would give them a piece of my mind. And what exactly did I do apart from excitedly spot a famous face? Not a thing. How pathetic.

So from new kitchen gadgets to old political leaders all in all it has been a good Saturday. We went out for breakfast with Mom and Dad which was very nice and then did a bit of grocery shopping. Later on in the afternoon Stuart had to go and record a little radio feature for his work about human trafficking. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today - so nice to feel spring arriving! Oh, and while we're on the topic of spring and before I forget about it myself, I should mention that the clocks 'spring forward' tomorrow here in the UK! (Not cool to lose an hour of the weekend!) Being from one of the only places in the world that doesn't do the daylight saving thing, I always find time changes very confusing and just generally difficult to cope with. Good luck to me :)


Andi and Demi said...

Happy Birthday! hugs, andi

dunny said...

Happy Birthday, JBN!!

Glad you got to sleep in on the big day! Just pulled up the 10 day forecast and I am not sure there is flip flop wearing opportunity soon, but we can always hope! I had no idea that Canada didn't do the daylight savings thing...what a wealth of information APYOC is! Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hello and happy b-day from the OC!


Anonymous said...

Just SK, not Canada

Julie said...

Thanks Andi :) Very nice to hear from you! Hope you and D are both doing well and enjoying some spring skiing.
Lots of love,
J xo

Julie said...

Thanks for the good wishes! You are very kind - I wore the flip flops out tonight - yes, it was probably rushing it a bit, but spring is in the air!
Oh yes, the anon informer is right - only Sask doesn't change time. We go our own way :) I don't know why.
Miss you loads - j xox