Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Who you callin' weird?

I've been properly chastised by my brother Cam who every now and again threatens to quit reading my blog. Idle threats will get you nowhere bro, but I must admit that I've been a bit of a slacker on the posting front recently and so I promise to do better! Anyhoo, I thought to myself, what better time than to respond to Kate who tagged me a while back . . . The rules? Six weird things about me. Should be easy enough - no shortage of material in that department! Oh yeah - Stu's already done this so I tag Nico, Andi and Carla. Here we go.

1) I like to eat raw broccoli and cauliflower. No, this is not weird in Canada but I get plenty of comments and strange looks in the lunch room here in the land of fish 'n chips.
2) Confession . . . I've never been baptised. I sort of missed the boat back in the CMA days and now I go to Church of Ireland where it's infant baptism. Imagine-toi - funny mental pic of our minister sprinkling water on my head.
3) I looove CSI. Vegas is best. I count Gris, Catherine, Sarah, Nick, Warick, Greg and Brass among my nearest and dearest. I've seen every episode of series one to five. (I usually don't watch the gory bits.)
4) Peach used to be my favourite colour. In my younger days my bedroom was affectionately known as the 'Peach Palace' and my eighth birthday party had a full-on 'peach' theme. Fab.
5) I worked as a cleaner in the common areas of the very grand Old Course Hotel in St Andrews, Scotland for one and a half days. Let's just say drastic action was required in order to avoid our marriage ending in divorce when it had only just begun!
6) Two words - Tommy Douglas - gotta love him. So much so that I did a speech about him as 'my hero' in grade five which featured a special section on his famous cream separator speech. Can you say indoctrination of the young? My obsession lives on - I heart Jack Bauer.


Anonymous said...

good improvement.

Nancy Jean said...

julianna pizza - i agree with brotes: this is more like it.

i think you would love cleopatra. she is so rad.

that pic of me soloing in the breeze canoe made the psc 2007 brochure!

if i had a blog, and you all tagged me, i know one of my six things would involve horseshoes and the 1996 saskatchewan summer games.

love ya,

Nancy Jean said...

p.s. you have no idea how cold it is here. seriously...predicted 'high' of minus 21 tomorrow; been like this for 3 weeks...i might take you up on that offer to visit sometime soon! :)njb

Anonymous said...

dang, you are weird.

The Loeppkys said...

Julie I love all the weird things about you! Check out my blog for responses to the tag.

As you know, I also love Jack Bauer - enough that I named my dog after him!

katevp said...

tell that ninnygo to visit in april

I love those weird things.

katevp said...

ps. I forgot all about those horseshoes and matching windsuits with your coach aka your mom.

That is definately weird, and a deep dark secret ;)

Julie said...

That horseshoe thing is so weird that I practically could have included it on my list just because it makes me weird by association. But then I remember you playing a mean game of shoes at PSC a couple of summers later so I guess that makes it all worthwhile . . . and the windsuit was cool.
Miss you - let's talk soon!
J xo