Saturday, February 10, 2007

Very weird indeed

I just remembered a weird thing that I meant to put on my 'weird things about me' post a couple of days ago. It's not about me, but it's most definitely weird. I was in the changing room at my gym just packing up my bag after a workout when I noticed a woman in her late thirties getting ready to go up to the cardio suite. She was slim and wearing black capri workout trousers (I'm in an official habit of calling them trousers because here pants = panties!) and other appropriate workout gear. Nothing too remarkable about that . . . but then I noticed that she was wearing black tights under her capris - a bit unusual I thought to myself. I was just about to go when I couldn't help but notice the woman pull a role of cling film (read saran wrap!) out of her gym bag and proceed to wrap a neat layer of plastic wrap around her torso tucking it into her gym trousers and the top of her bra. She must've been trying to sweat it out - I couldn't help but think of guys from my high school wrestling team running around our gym in layers of bunnyghugs to get into their weight category. I didn't want to stare but I really was transfixed - what on earth would drive a woman to such lengths? I mean, the treadmill is already un-enjoyable enough without being wrapped in sweat-inducing plastic! I felt like telling her all that will do is de-hydrate her but maybe she's got to get into a little black dress in a hurry. See, I told you it was weird.

Last night (Friday night - yeah!) we went to see the new Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore film Music and Lyrics. I'm going to be honest and say that I really enjoyed it - I love a good rom com and even though Hugh Grant has a bit of a sordid past and is generally a grumpy guy he plays a good romantic lead and Drew Barrymore is very good as well. It's a bit of a spoof of '80s music and also of contemporary pop a la American Dreams (but not quite as much satire.) It's funny. My Stuart is very amenable and doesn't mind going to movies like this with me - the husband of one of my friends at work saw the trailer on tv and turned to her and said 'No (insert expletive here) way.' I'm lucky.


Sara said...

So unfair - they shot that film right outside my apartment and it hasn't even been released here yet! My flatmate and I did a lot of hovering in the street watching the proceedings - does it look nice in the movie??

Anonymous said...

Finally managed to update some content on my blog.

Julie said...

The area looks lovely in the movie - very cool to see where you are :) How's life treating you lately? Hey, by the way, thanks for the offer of the knitting mags - I will have a think and maybe get you to pick one up for me before your next visit!
Have a lovely Sunday -

Julie said...

Thanks for the update - Your blog comments are great and your whole website is so professional!! Very nice. Wow - you are so busy - hope you've had a good weekend - was nice to chat with you briefly on Friday.
Hugs to R and O as well . . .