Saturday, February 24, 2007

They're baa-aaack!

Good news! The 'rents have returned. They touched down safely in Belfast tonight along with J-Lo and D after three weeks of fun in the sun in Tenerife, Portugal and Malaga. What can we say? They sure get around, even managing to slip in a day in Morocco and putting over 1,400 km on the rental car in Spain alone! A major highlight of the week in Spain was a day in Jaen where they went and visited some of Nancy's friends from her sejour there last year.

Anyway, all preliminary reports are that the trip was great - Dad just needs a chance at the computer to organise his pics and then we are in for the mother of all slide shows! In other exciting news, upon their arrival tonight Mom and Dad moved into their new flat in South Belfast (please note - that's the posh part - not where we live!) so it's cool for them to have their own place here. It's great to have them back!

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