Wednesday, February 14, 2007

That's amour-ehhh . . .

Happy Valentine's Day mes amis! Yes, it's that time again. Love is in the air. I was downtown over my lunch hour and it seemed like every second person I met was carrying bunches of flowers, stuffed toys or other items wrapped in cellophane and lots of red and white ribbon. A friend at work even got a dozen lovely looking roses delivered to her desk. As for us, we tend to low-key it on the commercialised love thing (we don't need a holiday to say I love you - yawn!) but of course my Stuart is a nice one - he had a card and nice chocolates for me this morning.

I have fond memories of Valentine's Day at school - doing cards for everyone in the class (I remember getting some particularly cool Garfield ones from the Shopper's in Canarama Shopping Centre) and then spending an afternoon constructing a little pink and red heart shaped mailbox to receive all the little friendly notes and obligatory cinnamon hearts. The cardinal rule - make a card for everyone because it's a real heartbreaker for those that don't get that many. At least half the school day on the 14th is spent eating candy and opening the cards - I remember my mom making to die for red heart-shaped 'Knox Blox' (also known as Jello Jigglers) for my class. I also vaguely recall eating so many that I was sick but then that's not a very pleasant memory at all is it?

So, what did we do tonight to mark the occasion especial? After work we went to the gym for a swim and then had a Marks and Spencer Indian meal while watching the Brit Awards (I promise Cam, I really don't watch too much tv.) Of the preformances I personally really enjoyed Amy Winehouse and Corrine Bailey Rae. The Killers were fab but then they're not British. The host Russel Brand is just generally too funny - listen to his radio show on BBC Radio 2 if you have a chance and I promise, you won't be sorry.

Lots of love to you all. xo

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Nancy Jean said...

happy heart day, my sista. sounds like a nice night. missed the brit awards, but did watch the grammys while at work the other night.

cpb might have a point...i think you are making up for lost time though, as you worked too hard in uni. though, i didn't watch tv at all in uni, but i did have a lot of fun with international students..hey wait, that's my job now!

don't tell mom, as she kept cable especially for me (and the basement dwellers) but i only watch Gray's hour a week, and i could have watched that with some bunny ears! :) (okay, i do catch the casual viewing of TLC's what not to wear, and miss mom while doing so!)

Love to you on this very loving day - ninny