Friday, February 23, 2007


Pass the Vicks, the Kleenex and the Sudafed if you please. I am officially sick with a head cold and it is no fun. Fortunately I was able to take the day from work today and spent most of my time sleeping which was helpful. Oh, and watching abc1 of course which involved a marathon of Home Improvement episodes from the early '90s. In short, I was pretty useless - after finally mustering up the energy to go and have a shower all I felt like doing was going back to sleep! Anyway, enough whining. I am feeling somewhat better tonight and am hoping that the sneezy, stuffy-fest does not continue over the whole weekend!

On the bright side of things, Stuart's sister and her family have been over from England this week so we have had a chance to see them. Tonight, despite my less than energetic state, we watched High School Musical with the three lovely nieces (they know all the words) and ate too much junk food. It was good. And speaking of visitors, tomorrow I am hoping to see Sara C who is over from New York which is also good.

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katevp said...

Jules, I hope that you are feeling better! I have wanted to see high school musical, but have not as of yet. did you like it? or did you just enjoy your nieces liking it?